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We believe you should not have a bored website that because your customers also want great experiences on their online journey from you. Therefore, we are here to help you delivering a interested website for your customers and it would be great to be able to do so with you. . With the goal of honoring your brand values and giving your customers the best experience, we firmly believe that your success is also the happiness of Da Lang Studio.


Are you facing difficulties when you have not built a website for your business?

Let’s Da Lang Studio take your worries aways
The Benefits of Having Your Website Built By Da Lang Studio

Service quality

We are very interest to give you the best value for your business. Customers are our best advertisers. We commit and guarantee the quality from developing and designing your website. You will always get exactly what you need from us.

Upgrade and security

We guarantee to hand over the full account details related to your property. By using the account to login that you can easily upgrade your plugins later, if you wish. We always recommend privacy if you are using a website provided by a third party. Furthermore, we are always ready to upgrade the website for you when you need it.


We guarantee to take care and optimize your website during your website lifespan. Also make sure your website will be SEO friendly and give you a great experience while using. Website is optimized on many interfaces with stable page loading speed to help your website develop in the best way.

Service and fees

We always have the desire to give you the best value. If you require a website with many features and affordable prices. We are pleased to measure and evaluate to fullfil your wishes. Until you satisfy, we will implement process then you will be our companion.

Fastest delivery

Depending on your requirements, we will design and program the website as quickly as possible. Da Lang highly respects this commitment and we guarantee to handover the product on time. These commitment has brought satisfaction to many customers who put their trust in us.

Customer support policy

We always here to support you 24/7. You can try to contact us via our social networks channel or email: [email protected]

Our guarantee

We always here to support anytime you need after handling the final product to you. If you wish to ask us for helping to sustain the long-term growth of the website, don’t hesitate to contact us for the consulting.

Da Lang Studio’s method to build website sucessfully

Da Lang Studio will be your best choice with the team of experience staffs

Vu Thuan Phat

CEO & Founder

Nguyen Phuong Thao

HR Manager

Le Tran Anh Thy

Content Leader

Vu Thuan Phat

CEO & Founder

Nguyenn Phuong Thao

HR Manager

Le Tran Anh Thy

Content Leader

The process of implementing our Website Design Service at Da Lang Studio

Analyze customer requirements

Every individual has their own wishes and requirements for their website. Therefore, after considering the possibility of every requirements, our programmers will consult and discuss with customers about the website design construction and the final product that customers want.

Detailed planning of website design process

Our engineer will first outline the sitemap in order to avoid going astray in the process of website design. Visitors will also easily follow your website.

Design website interface

Design the interface of the website according to the customer’s request.

Build features and contents for website

Once the interface is complete, the website design team will start programming, building features and content for the website.

Checking and editing

Our engineers will practice website testing to see how website perform on different platforms and devices, then proceed to fix the errors that arise.

Receive feedback and provide user’s manual

After basically completing the Website design, our staff will contact customers to check to experience the finished product by themselves. Besides, when handle the finished project, we will also guide customers to use the website management features and tools thoroughly.

Outstanding SEO services of Da Lang Studio

Da Lang’s web design and implementation services will help to optimize your website in the best way

  • UI/UX Design
  • Website development
  • Website building
  • Speed ​​optimization


What kind of business should design website?

Online marketing channels are booming and promise to lead the trend in the near future. Therefore, all kind of different businesses also need to design a suitable website. People tend to convert physical stores into virtual stores online because their customers are more interested in buying goods online. So, if you don’t prepare yourself for the perfect website, you risk missing out on huge profits in the future.

Is it necesary to build a website for new business?

With a new business to build its name on the internet market, this is an effective way for customers to know you. The first step in the process of contacting customers is to make customers see you, visit your website, learn about services and make an impression on them. Organic traffic rate will easily convert into loyalty rate and increase the number of partners for your business.

How long does it take for Google to index articles on website? When do the article appear on Google Ranking?

Normally it will takes around 10-15 days and the article will be on top 10 Google ranking if it is a standard SEO article.
Depending on many factors, some websites have a longer indexing time, so each website has different ranking.

How much is the annual renewal cost for the website?

To maintain a website with a minimum capacity and bandwidth of 600MB, you will have to spend about 600,000 VND/year. You can completely choose to renew the cycle every 2 – 10 years for a more favorable price. Usually the most popular hosting package today is 2GB, bandwidth 50GB/month costs about 1,500,000 VND/year.

What functions will the website designed by Da Lang Studio have?

The functions of the website designed vy Da Lang Studio will ensure basic functions such as:
1. Provide information
2. Search function
3. Cart function
4. Direct payment
5. Online support/ Online chat
6. Ad Support
In addition, we make sure your website is SEO friendly and will give you a great experience. Website is optimized on many interfaces with stable page loading speed to help your website develop in the best way.

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