The world has been entering digital transformation with changes and improvements day by day at rapid speed. However, the enterprise’s human resources cannot immediately respond to these market updates, which leads to businesses being backward and taking much time or money on training.

If using Offshore Software R&D will help the process be completed shortly.


Pain Point

Without having human resources specialize in software.

Taking much time and money on training.

Cannot responding market updates and changes.

The advantages of Da Lang Studio Offshore Software R&D

Saving money

Increasing effective

Pushing work-in-progress rapidly

Optimizing work system


Software Development

Developing website, app, desktop and web portal, LAN,…

Transformation & Maintenance

Transferring applications and data, maintaining applications and database…

Check and Track software

Checking automation, performance, and privacy of software

Da Lang Studio will be your best choice with the professional team

Vu Thuan Phat

CEO & Founder

Nguyen Phuong Thao

HR Manager

Le Tran Anh Thy

Content Leader

Vu Thuan Phat

CEO & Founder

Nguyenn Phuong Thao

HR Manager

Le Tran Anh Thy

Content Leader

Da Lang Studio software process


Consulting: What your want is and offer solutions.


Software Development: Developing software based on customers’ requirements.


Managing projects based on the Agile/ Scrum paradigm.


Testing software before handover.


Handover and Inspection.






Business managemnt


Mobile application



Why do you have to use Software Outsourcing?

Software outsourcing is known as an effective strategy to push the business’s economic performance, especially during digital transformation.

Shall I use offshore software?

If your corporation does not have software outsourcing staff and spends too much money on technology, you should use offshore software sourcing. It would not only saves money but also increases activity performance.

What are benefits when using offshore software?

These are outsourcing’s benefits at Da Lang Studio:
– Saving business’ operating costs;
– Increasing business performance;
– Guaranteeing high specialty;
– Cost minimization;
– Approaching advanced technology.

How much is the market price for offshore software?

Each business will have a different outsourcing price than others. However, you will get the best price on the market. Moreover, we guarantee the quality of service and policies.

How long will the software outsourcing be complete?

When outsourcing at Da Lang Studio, the process will be published and transparentize. Moreover, the customer can track it and contact us to edit it if needed.

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